1. Magic Night

Recorded live at Subcat Studios, Syracuse NY. Claudine wrote this song for friend Julie Henigan, whose birthday is on Hallowe'en, which is New Year's Eve in the old Celtic calendar. It is a track on the Gypsy Reel cd The Long Trail www.gypsyreel.com


Candlelight is flickering, listen to the fire sing
Dancing patterns on the wall
Voices of the ancients call through the night
Starlight, moonlight, jewels of frost
Wrap your cloak before you cross
Cross the threshold, step outside
With the elders you shall ride
And they're right, this is a Magic Night

Wands and sword and cups and coins
In the mist we all are joined
Happy New Year, drink a toast
Make the wish you wish the most, it's alright
Past and future, here and now
To protect, the spirit vow
Take your chances, do not fear
Where we are will soon be clear.
'Cause they're right, this is a Magic Night

Candlelight is flickering
Thought the fire you will sing
Echoing the ancients' croon
Solving riddles in the Runes
'Cause they're right, this is a Magic Night