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Our house doesn't always look like this-sometimes it's even worse!  (from The Trivet Song)

I am looking out at Saltash Mountain, here in beautiful Belmont, VT.

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I am scheduling new private students in all levels of mandolin, tenor banjo and guitar, so contact me if you would like to work with me, at my studio in Belmont VT, or on Skype. If I am traveling in your direction, I can also arrange to meet you.

I have cds available at my Store, and Free Listens on my Music Page.


November update 

I look out at "Stick Season" here in Vermont-between foliage and snow cover-lovely landscape any season. 

My exciting news is that I will be playing at Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow, Scotland January 2015!  Otis Tomas' ensemble The Fiddletree will perform at The Royal Concert Hall of Glasgow January 23.  This is such an amazing group.  Otis lives in Cape Breton Nova Scotia.  About 20 years ago,  He cut down a nearby maple, and over the years has built a family of instruments from what he christened The Fiddletree.  He wrote some lovely tunes, and made up parts for 2 violins, viola, cello, harp, guitar and mandolin.  Then he got musicians to get together and play-Otis and Sarah MacFadyen (Scotland) on violins, Mairi Campbell(Scotland) on viola, Abby Newton (US) and Joel Sanderson(Scotland) on cello, Laoise Kelly (Ireland) on harp, Paul MacDonald (Canada) on guitar, and I play the sweet mandolin.  We have put out two recordings, "The Fiddletree" cd attached to a hardcover book Otis wrote telling the story of the making of the instruments and tunes, and "The Improbable Menagerie," both recorded live in the old schoolhouse on The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton.  I am so looking forward to getting together with these fabulous musicians!  Performances are rare because we are so spread out, and transporting all those instruments can be prohibitive, so this will be a very special treat!  Plan a January escape and come see us in Glasgow! This will be my first time at this festival, and it will be great to see friends old and new.  More info at www.fiddletree.com

I am adding gigs everyday, so check out my schedule, and come and say hello!!

September update 

My website has changed hands, and I am currently trying to reconstruct it, so I appreciate your patience while I am reconfiguring things!

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